White Powder 25kg/Bag 2688 Cross Linked Polyvinyl Alcohol

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Honest
Model Number 1788 199 2488 2499 2688
Minimum Order Quantity 1000kgs
Packaging Details 25kgs/bag
Delivery Time 15-20days
Payment Terms TT L/C Western Union
Supply Ability 300mt/month
Product Details
Product Name 25kg/Bag 2688 Cross Linked Polyvinyl Alcohol Application Thickener, Emulsifier, Film-former, Binder, Dispersing Agent, Protective Colloids
Advantage Good Water Retention, Stable Sample 200g Free Sample Provide
CAS No. 9002-89-5 Grade Industrial Grade
High Light

semulsion stabilizer Cross Linked Polyvinyl Alcohol


25kg/bag PVA Polyvinyl


25kg/bag Cross Linked Polyvinyl Alcohol

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Product Description

                                   Best Price Polyvinyl alcohol PVA 1788 2488 2688




Name: Polyvinyl alcohol


Abbreviation: PVA


Molecular Formula: (C2H4O)x





Polyvinyl alcohol PVA is a kind of heavy polymer, it is non-toxic, insipid and harmless.Polyvinyl alcohol PVA is water-soluble and the solvent provide good viscosity and film building. It can withstand oils, lubricants, hydrocarbons and most other organic solvents.



Technical requirements


1. Appearance: white powder or grains.


2. Technical Index


Product Name Hydrolysis
Ash(%) PH Value
0588 86.0-90.0 4.0-6.0 Max 7.0 Max 0.5 5-7
1788 86.0-90.0 20.0-26.0 Max 7.0 Max 0.7 5-7
2488 86.0-90.0 44.0-52.0 Max 7.0 Max 0.7 5-7
2688 86.0-90.0 48.0-58.0 Max 7.0 Max 0.7 5-7
1799 98.0-100.0 20.0-26.0 Max 7.0 Max 0.7 5-7
2499 98.0-100.0 44.0-52.0 Max 7.0 Max 0.7 5-7

Note: Any other special requirement for the product can be satisfied through the negotiation.




Property of Polyvinyl Alcohol:
Good film formation, adhesion, solvent resistance, friction resistance and tensile strength.
Appearance:White powder or White flake
Melting point:180-190ºC
Size:80-120 mesh
Small particles, small dosage, easy to disperse.
Dissolved in cold water. 

Good bonding performance; improve mortar strength.
Prevent mortar from cracking and detaching; increase adhesion strength and smoothness. 

Non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly.




Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) have a wide range of uses.
In the textile industry, Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)is used as warp slurry, textile finishing agent, and adhesives of non-woven fabrics.
In the construction industry, Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is used as cement additives, molding plate adhesives, and building glues.
In the chemical industry, Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is used semulsion stabilizer and dispersants.
In the papermaking industry, Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is used as adhesives.
In addtion, Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) can be used in cosmetics industry, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, etc.




The product is packed in polyethylene bag enclosed in composite paper bag . The net weight is 25 kg/bag .

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) should be kept in the original bag and stored in the dry and clean place far away from the source of heat and not put together with other chemicals .


Transportation and Storage


The direct addition of the product to water causes the formation of lumps . Lumping results from incomplete wetting of the individual powder particles . Only the powder in contact with water dissolves and the formed gelatinous membrane prevents the remaining powder from dissolving , causing a delay in the dissolution time . The following three methods are recommended for dissolution without forming lumps . The most convenient method should be chosen according to the purpose of your application.


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