Ethyl Cellulose Used in Pharmaceutical Applicaion

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Honest
Model Number K70 K100 N10 N50 N100 N200
Minimum Order Quantity 1000kgs
Price 15-35 usd/kg
Packaging Details 20kgs/drum
Delivery Time 15-20days
Payment Terms TT L/C Western Union
Supply Ability 300mt/month
Product Details
Appearance White Or Yellowish Powder Raw Material Refined Cotton
Product Name OEM Ethyl Cellulose Pharmaceutical Use Function Thickener, Emulsifier, Film-former, Binder, Dispersing Agent
Certification COA MSDS
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K100 Ethyl Cellulose Pharmaceutical Use


K100 Ethyl Cellulose Uses In Tablets


OEM Ethyl Cellulose Pharmaceutical Use

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Product Description

                                                       Ethyl Cellulose Used in Pharmaceutical Applicaion 


Ethylcellulose has been used as a taste masking coating material for tablets and granules, as a tablet binder, in the preparation of microcapsules and microspheres, and most importantly as a film/matrix forming material for controlled release formulations.



Name: Ethyl Cellulose

Abbreviation: EC

Structural formula:

Ethyl Cellulose Used in Pharmaceutical Applicaion 0

In the formula , n stands for degree of polymerization and R for –H or –C2H5 .


Technical requirements

1. Appearance: White or even yellowing powder or grains , having no smell or taste .

2. Technical Index


Table 1


Item Index
K type N type T type
Content of ethoxy, % 45.0~47.9 48.0~49.5 49.6~51.0
Viscosity, mPas Conform to the requirements of table 2
Residue on ignition, % 0.4 Max
Loss on drying % 3.0 Max
Heavy metal ppm 20 Max
Arsenic ppm 3 Max
Bacterium 1000cfu/gram Max
Mold 100cfu/gram Max


3. Viscosity Specification


Level Specific range Level Specific range
4 3.0~5.5 45 41~49
7 6.0~8.5 55 51~60
10 9.0~12.5 70 62~74
15 13~ 16 90 80~90
20 18~22 100 91~110

Note: Provided that buyers have other




Due to its insolubility in water, ethyl cellulose is mainly used as tablet adhesive and thin film coating material, etc. I

t is also used as retarding agent for aggregate to make various types of aggregate slow-release pills; as slow-release agent or slow-release pills for compound material when making coat; as microcapsule material to make the medical effect release continuously, and avoid the preaction of water soluble medicine.

It can be too used in any type of medicine as dispersing agent, stabilizer and water retention agent to prevent medicine from absorption and deterioration, enhance the safe storage and stability of pills.

It can even be used as adhesive, slow-release agent and moisture-repellant agent for vitamine pills and mineral pills.


Selection guide of products for pharmaceutical:


Usage Applicable type ofthe product Typical Use Level
Controlled Release Coatings EN-4,EN-7,EN-10 3-20%
Microencapsulation EN-20,EN-45,EN-100 10-20%

Solvent-Based Coating for

Barrier or Taste Masking


All N Type



Direct Compression Granulation EN-7, EN-10, EN-100 5-40%
Solvent-Based Granulation EN-10,EN-20,EN-45 1-6%


Instruction for usage

While padding, add Ethyl Cellulose slowly into the container with solvent until it is fully wetted and dissolved.



It is packed in paper bags, fiberboard boxes or drums lined with PVC bags. Net weight per package: 10kg/20kg/50kg


Instruction for storage

Seal it and store in dry place.