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25 Kg/Drum Film Former Food Grade Methylcellulose

China Shanghai Honest Chem. Co., Ltd. certification
China Shanghai Honest Chem. Co., Ltd. certification
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25 Kg/Drum Film Former Food Grade Methylcellulose

25 Kg/Drum Film Former Food Grade Methylcellulose
25 Kg/Drum Film Former Food Grade Methylcellulose

Large Image :  25 Kg/Drum Film Former Food Grade Methylcellulose

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Honest
Model Number: F4M E4M K4M K100M
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000KGS
Packaging Details: 25KGS/DRUM
Delivery Time: 15-20 DAYS
Payment Terms: LC T/T Western Union
Supply Ability: 300mt/month

25 Kg/Drum Film Former Food Grade Methylcellulose

Product Name: Yellowish Powder Food Grade Methylcellulose Appearance: White Or Yellowish Powder
Raw Material: Refined Cotton Function: Thickener, Emulsifier, Film-former, Binder, Dispersing Agent
Aplication: Food Grade CAS NO.: 9004 65 3
High Light:

Honest Batter bread Food Grade Methylcellulose


25 Kg Drum 9004 65 3


25 Kg/Drum Food Grade Methylcellulose

5.【Brief Introduction
Chemical Name :Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (HPMC)
Molecular Formula :[C6H7O2(OH)3-m-n(OCH3)m(OCH3CH(OH)CH3)n]x

E Number:E464
Structure Formula :
25 Kg/Drum Film Former Food Grade Methylcellulose 0
Where :R=-H , -CH3 , or -CH2CHOHCH3;X=degree of polymerization .
Product Characteristics
1. Appearance :HPMC is a white to light yellow powder or granular product .

2. Solubility :soluble in water and some solvents, such as ethanol/water, propanol/water in appropriate proportions. The aqueous solution has surface activity. High transparency and stable performance. Products of different specifications have different gel temperatures and solubility changes with viscosity. The lower the viscosity, the greater the solubility. Different specifications of HPMC have different performances. The dissolution of HPMC in water is not affected by pH.
3. Fineness(Graininess) :The oversize product above 100 mesh should not exceed 5 . 0% .

4. With reduction of methoxyl groups content , HPMC is increased in gelling temperature and decreased in water solubility and surface

activity .


1. Resistance to salting out : HPMC is a nonionic cellulose ether and it is not a polyelectrolyte . The aqueous solution of HPMC is comparatively stable even in

2. the presence of metal salts or organic electrolytes . However, when the concentration of electrolytes exceeds a certain limit , gelation and precipitation may result .

3. Surface activity : An aqueous solution of HPMC has a high surface activity and functions as a protective colloid agent , emulsion stabilizer and dispersant .

4. Thermal gelation :An aqueous solution of HPMC will gel or precipitate when heated to a certain temperature , but it reverts to the original solution state on subsequent cooling . The temperature at which gelation or precipitation occur depends on the type of HPMC , its concentration and the rate of heating .

5. pH stability :The viscosity of an aqueous solution of HPMC is hardly affected by acid or alkali , and the product can develop an original viscosity in the range of 3 . 0~11 . 0 . Therefore , the solution viscosity tends to keep stable during prolonged storage .

6. Water retention :HPMC is a high effective water retention agent . Its pharmaceutical grade product can be widely used in food , cosmetics and many other fields .

7. HPMC is used as a component in adhesives, emulsifiers, stabilizing agents, water-binding agents, excipients and thickeners in various drinks, milks, spices and nutrition food

9. Cohesiveness (Binding property) : HPMC , as a high performance binder, can also be used for molding food and medicine .

10. Film forming :HPMC provides a strong , flexible and transparent film having a good barrier property against oil and grease . In food application , this property is often utilized for water retention and oil adsorption .

Technical requirements
1. Appearance:White to light yellow powder or grains .
2. Specifications :


Loss on drying,%5 .0 max
Residue on ignition,%1 .5 max
Heavy metals, ppm20 max
Arsenic, ppm3 max
pH5 .0~8 .0
Bacterium1000cfu/gram Max
Mold100cfu/gram Max
Viscosity(2% solution), mPa .sIn accordance with the viscosity specification as shown in table 2 .

3. Viscosity specification


Specific range (2%
Sol .),mPa .s


Specific range (2%
Sol .),mPa .s


Note:The viscosity can be adjusted according to the special requirements of the customers .
Purpose of Application
HPMC can be directly applied to food not only as emulsifier, binder, thickener or stabilizer, but also as
packing material .
A) In molding food, the excellent lubricity and binding strength will improve its moldability and shape
B) Thermal gelation and water retention of HPMC blocks oil absorption into food and moisture loss during frying, providing a fresh and crisp taste . Moreover, these properties aids in gas retention during baking for increasing baked volume and improving texture .
Selection guide of products for food:

UsageApplicable type of the product
Bread and cakeMA-4000,F-4000,K-4000
Batter breadMA - 15,F- 50,K- 100
Milky drinkMA- 15,E-50,F- 50
Filling of piesMA -4000,F-4000,K-4000
Salad creamMA-4000
SeasoningE- 15,F-50,K-100

25 Kg/Drum Film Former Food Grade Methylcellulose 1
The product is packed in polyethylene bag enclosed in composite fiberboard drum or paper bag . The net
weight is 25 kg/drum or 25 kg/bag .
The product should be kept in the original bag and stored in the dry and clean place far away from the source of heat and not put together with other chemicals .
Transportation and Storage
The direct addition of the product to water causes the formation of lumps . Lumping results from incomplete wetting of the individual powder particles . Only the powder in contact with water dissolves and the formed gelatinous membrane prevents the remaining powder from dissolving , causing a delay in the dissolution time . The following three methods are recommended for dissolution without forming lumps . The most convenient method should be chosen according to the purpose of your application .

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