Odourless EC Ethyl Cellulose Powder For Screen Printing Ink

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Honest
Model Number K70 K100 N10 N50 N100 N200
Minimum Order Quantity 1000kgs
Price 15-35 usd/kg
Packaging Details 20kgs/drum
Delivery Time 15-20days
Payment Terms TT L/C Western Union
Supply Ability 300mt/month
Product Details
Appearance White Or Yellowish Powder Raw Material Refined Cotton
Function Thickener, Emulsifier, Film-former, Binder, Dispersing Agent Aplication Screen Printing Ink, Magnetic Ink, Intaglio And Amine Printing Ink
CAS NO. 9004 57 3
High Light

odourless ethyl cellulose powder


EC ethyl cellulose powder


screen printing ink ethylcellulose

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Product Description

                                                               Ethyl Cellulose EC for flexographic and gravure printing inks




Name: Ethyl Cellulose

Abbreviation: EC

Structural formula:

Odourless EC Ethyl Cellulose Powder For Screen Printing Ink 0

In the formula , n stands for degree of polymerization and R for –H or –C2H5 .



Ethyl Cellulose is a kind of white grains or powder, having no smell or tastes . Its 5% soliquoid shows neutral to litmus test paper . Its specific density 1 . 07~1 . 18 , heat distortion point: 135~155degree centigrade , and fire point: 330~360 degree centigrade . Ethyl Cellulose has good stability to light , heat , oxygen and wetness , and is stable to chemicals . It is resistant to alcali , dilute acid and salting liquid , soluble in some organic solvents , such as alcohol , ether, ketone , ester, aromatic hydrocarbon and halohydrocarbon , etc , and compatible to many celluloses , resin and nearly all plasticizers . Ethyl Cellulose has low combustibility, small hydroscopicity and good electric behavior . Its thin film and plastics have good mechanical strength and flexibility in a wide range of temperature .

Technical requirements

1. Appearance: White or even yellowing powder or grains , having no smell or taste .

2. Technical Index


Item Index
  K type N type T type
Content of ethoxy, % 45 . 0~47 . 9 48 . 0~49 . 5 49 . 6 Min
Viscosity, mPas Conform to the requirements of table 2
Ash , % 0 .4 Max
Moisture , % 3 . 0 Max


3. Viscosity Specification


Level Specific range Level Specific range
6 5 0~8 0 70 62~74
10 8 . 1~12 90 80~90
15 13~19 110 100~120
25 20~29 150 135~165
35 30~39 200 180~220
45 40~50 250 221~250
55 51~60 300 250 Min .



Ethyl Cellulose is widely used in printing ink such as screen printing ink , magnetic ink , flexographic and gravure printing ink; Ethyl cellulose is used as an additive to control the viscosity and improve performance of ink formulations. Ethyl cellulose can also be used as a binder in these solvent based ink formulations. Ethyl cellulose forms films with remarkably good flexibility at low temperatures with excellent impact toughness. Ethel cellulose improves flexographic and gravure ink's abrasion and scuff resistance.




It is packed in paper bags lined with PVC bags . Net weight per package: 20kg


Instruction for storage

Seal it and store in dry place .