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Honest Chfocus on researching the application of cellulose ether for more than 16 years. Our products  are widely use in a variety of industrial applications as adhesives, binders, extrusion aids, plasticizers, protective colloids, rheology modifiers, stabilization agents, thickeners and water-retention agents.

We offer cellulose ether solution for a vast number of applications, such as Paint and Coating, Building and Construction, Cosmetic and Ceramic, Ink, Food and Pharmaceutical, Paper and oilfield.


As a reliable partner, we are equally familiar with the market's supply as well as with the demanding requirements of our customers. Therefore we always supply cost-effective products to the markets. 

With our extensive experience and know-how in the application of cellulose ether, we can supply customized products and professional support to our customers.




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Honest focus on researching the application of celluloses for more than 16 years.

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